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Demineralization, also called leaching, is the process of lowering the mineral content in your food by following some simple instructions involving water, temperature, and time. These minerals, among others include sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. In this section we provide step by step instructions on how to demineralize different types of foods such as meats and canned vegetables.

Halloween Candy
Nutritional information for popular types of Halloween candy.

Nutritional information for popular types of squash.

A guide to low and high phosphorus foods.

A guide to low and high potassium foods.

A guide to low and high sodium foods.

Alcoholic Beverages
Nutritional information for popular alcoholic beverages.

Emergency Renal Diet Plan
For home and in-center dialysis patients it is critically important to have a plan in the event of major snowstorms or other emergencies. Please take a moment to read this Emergency Renal Diet Plan for a list of foods and supplies you should have on hand, as well as a number of tips to ensure you are prepared.