Fresenius Medical Care has successfully completed its merger with NxStage Medical, Inc.

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Transplant Assistance

If your goal is to obtain a transplant, our renal social worker will help you through the process. We know navigating your way through kidney disease can be emotionally and physically challenging. We're here to help.

Only a fraction of the individuals on the transplant list receive a transplant each year. While we cannot guarantee that you will receive a transplant, we promise to work with you and your physician to do everything in our capacity to help you be ready when and if the time for a transplant comes.

More Frequent HHD Patients More Likely to Receive a Kidney Transplant
In a recent study, people doing more frequent home hemodialysis using the NxStage System One were shown to have an increased chance of receiving a kidney transplant compared to people receiving standard in-center dialysis, three times a week.1

  1. Weinhandle E. Liu J. Gilbertson D, Arneson T, Collins A. Transplant incidence in frequent hemodialysis and matched weekly trice-weekly hemodialysis patients. Poster presented at National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meeting, 2012.